Dear friends,

The Church Council met this evening to discuss our re-opening plans in light of the 19 new community-spread COVID-19 cases in Moncton. Though contact tracing is being done, the source of the community spread has not yet been determined.

While we are still in the Yellow Phase, which allows for gatherings, the Premier and the Minister of Health, Dr. Jennifer Russell, urged an abundance of caution at our Thanksgiving weekend gatherings, and to keep those small.

We discussed the pros and cons of re-opening this weekend. 10 out of 11 Council members decided now was not the time to return to the building given the recent outbreak. While it's true that restaurants are open and grocery stores are crowded, it was noted that special care homes, nursing homes, and the hospitals have been closed to visitors.

While we do have to learn how to live with this virus for the time being, with the 19 new cases in Moncton there is so much unknown at present, and it was decided to reconvene the Church Council in two weeks to plan the new re-opening date.

This decision was not made in fear, rather, in an abundance of care and concern for our congregation. 17 people had registered to return and will be contacted directly, with several of the 17 indicating already that they wouldn't be coming in light of the new cases in Moncton.

Thank you for holding on as a congregation during this global pandemic.

God is with us. We are not alone. Happy Thanksgiving as you gather with the ones you love.

Rev. Aaron Billard

Watch our Oct 18th, 2020 service below: